Work out Live Long , Lacks Muscle Shack, Smithville Tn
The is Red our first Recipient of a Harmonica.  (Video Below)
He couldn't believe we were giving him a harmonica. I love  how thankful Homeless people are.

Meet Red -Our first person to recieve a free Harmonica.

Posted by John Roark on Saturday, July 25, 2015

Now over Six Hundred Thousand Homeless in America.

I carry a dremal and engrave my name and theirs, our 888 number is engraved, so they can let us know how the playing is going. his name is john

Posted by John Roark on Saturday, July 25, 2015
John and Jamie and our 7 daughters own these sites .
We met Scott Below in Georgia coming back From Florida over Thanksgiving. Scott has been homeless for 4 years. Doesn't
have documentation of his birth or any identity . Imagine how easy it would be to lose everything after 4 years on the streets.
He is on his way to Florida , Good choice as cold as it is getting up north here. Our harmonicas will give enjoyment for times of
long waits on life as one who travels on foot across the nation has little he can take with him. I shared with him that Abraham
Lincoln use to carry a harmonica...  John Roark  
Harmonica's for the homeless also owns  and
We now have a program that is helping the homeless get off the street.
Please call our 888 288 0024  And leave a message and we will get back to you.
Click on The Blue Star and it cost you nothing to get a card, no credit check, you get $20 , we get $20
for referring you. Call our 888 and we will explain more to you. It takes us about 20 dollars to put a
harmonica in the hands of a homeless person. thanks John
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the world. In a short time you can earn tremendous residual income even a homeless person standing on a
street corner can hand out information that could help them get off the street and anyone that partisicpates
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